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Leopard and Plaid

November 26, 2013

leopard and plaid

leopard and plaid

leopard and plaid

This coat is by far one of my favorite thrifted items – the perfect vintage find!  After seeing Sheree’s post last week, I knew that I needed to take this spotted beauty out for a spin.

leopard coat, plaid shirt – thrifted

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Wearing Blazers in the Winter

November 25, 2013

pick up blazers in a larger size to fit over sweaters for the cooler months

pick up blazers in a larger size to fit over sweaters for the cooler months

pick up blazers in a larger size to fit over sweaters for the cooler months

Usually when I wear blazers, I have something light on underneath.  But come winter – when I really need to layer up – I have a few wool blazers that fit perfectly over sweaters.  No special trick here, I just bought them in a larger size.  But it did help to wear a sweater while I was shopping for the winter blazers.  I just wanted to be on the safe side – Chris Farley’s man-down-by-the-river is not a look that I want to be seen in!

blazer, sweater – thrifted // jeans – H&M (men’s section) // boots – Franco Sarto

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Ivan’s Turn #fabkids

November 21, 2013

football star outfit from fabkids

football star outfit from fabkids

football star outfit from fabkids

football star outfit from fabkids

football star outfit from fabkids

I haven’t been taking too many of my own outfit pictures lately.  I blame the weather – cold winds and early sunsets have totally been trashing my schedule.

I have been taking plenty of pictures though.  (Just not of me!)

FabKids has been such a great site to work with.  Usually when they ask, I have something sent over for Julia, but this time it was Ivan’s turn.

I hear often from moms that girl clothes are much more fun to shop for than boy clothes – supposedly there are cuter clothes on the market for girls.  But FabKids proves that theory wrong.  They have outfits for boys, too.  And they’re cute outfits – super cute.

This Football Star Outfit that Ivan is wearing came with jeans, an undershirt, and a long-sleeve tee.  (The Cars hat is his own.)  Doesn’t he look adorable?  Let me say that photographing him was a lot trickier than taking my daughter’s pictures.  He was being such a stinker – hence the funny faces.

Funny faces or not, the kid looks fabulous.  Thanks, FabKids!

Maternity Style: One Dress for Day and Night

November 20, 2013

dressing a bump for day and night

It’s always around this time of the year when I start to think about my two pregnancies.  (Probably because my first kid was born in December – the cooler temps and holidays trigger those third trimester memories.)

As much as I love my kids, I do not miss being pregnant.  At all.  But, when I do see expecting moms with their bellies poking out, I slightly miss getting dressed during those not-so-fun nine months.

Melissa George was seen in this lovely evening gown – absolutely glowing, right?!  Seeing her in this long dress reminded me that accessories can play such a BIG role when getting dressed with a baby bump.  She kept her evening attire rather simple, but here’s a couple of ways how I’d wear a similar dress if I were knocked up again…

dressing a bump for day and night

Any one of these three dresses would be a perfect start for an outfit.  While the middle dress is very much like Melissa’s, the shorter dresses (1 and 3) are both cute options.  Plus, a pair of black maternity tights would easily transition them between seasons.

dressing a bump for day and night

When it came to getting dressed during pregnancy, one of my biggest challenges was staying comfortable while looking stylish.  (This is still something that I continue to work on!)  For a day of running errands, a denim jacket (I love the 80s vibe this one gives) and a pair of sleek sneakers are perfect.  The backpack is great for holding the miscellaneous items that might be coming or going, while the gold hoops, watch, and red lipstick add polished, feminine touches.  And, of course, no daytime outfit would be complete without a cool pair of shades.

dressing a bump for day and night

When transitioning from day to night, the last thing any lady with a bump wants to do is to start picking an outfit all over again – when you started your day with a solid colored dress, there’s no need to.  This leather jacket adds a bit of coolness, as do the open-toed heels.  (Not a fan of heels during pregnancy?  Find a great pair of wedges to support your whole foot.)  The bold clutch, arrow head-inspired earrings, and gold cuff add fun and sophistication.  And since I don’t wear sunglasses at night, I like to play up my eyes with a strong liner.

One of the great things about using accessories to change up your outfits is that you don’t have to be pregnant to do it.  Knocked up or not, accessories are your friends – and outfit makers.  (If you are looking for more tips about dressing your bump, here’s seven ways to look great during pregnancy.)

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Florals for Fall

November 19, 2013

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

Recently I’ve been on the lookout for patterns – like I mentioned here.  Luckily for me, when I was checking out eShakti’s fall collection, I came across this beautiful floral print blouse.

I wore it a little dressy in these pictures – it was parent-teacher conferences – but I can easily see this blouse in more of a casual light, too.  (Blazer and jeans anyone?)

As for last week’s break, it was definitely great to step away for a little.  I’m convinced that there’s nothing that a few days in the Caribbean can’t fix!

blouse – c/o eShakti // skirt – c/o thredUP // coat – thrifted // shoes – Nine West

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November 11, 2013


Between late nights at school for parent-teacher conferences and…life, I need a little break.

See you in a week.

Until then, make sure to stop by Sassy Moms in the City.  I’ve been writing a weekly beauty post.

You have some catching up to do.

3 Fall Trends I’m Shopping For

November 8, 2013

So it has taken me about two weekends to pack up my summer clothes and unpack my winter ones.  Scratch that.  I’m still unpacking.  This transiting between wardrobes is such an involved process.  Mostly because I’m purging and rearranging things as I’m doing it.

As I’ve been unpacking though, I noticed that I need to update my winter wear a little.

I’m going to be looking for pieces that add a fun and playful pop to my already dark and neutral clothes.  Pieces in shades of cream, blocks of color, and patterns are on my lists.

cream of the crop

photo credit: 1 / 2 / 3

blocking colorsphoto credit: 1 / 2 / 3

pattern play

photo credits: 1 / 3

And after doing a little window shopping around the web, it’s going to be pieces like these that get added to my wardrobe.  These guys will fit perfectly with what I already have, and help bring a little life to my winter.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Gold Coast & Old Town Food Tour

November 6, 2013

I’m always looking for a reason to take a date with my husband – plus I think it’s so important for us to break away from the kids every now and then, too!  So when Vimbly offered to cover my ticket for the Gold Coast & Old Town Food Tour with Chicago Food Planet, I knew I had to take it!

When you live in a city like Chicago, there are always so many great places to eat.  One thing I liked about the tour, was that it shared some historical and popular selections, as well as newer ones that I might not have ever come across.

The tour started at the famous Lou Malnati’s where our 10-person group indulged in a signature salad and a slice of the Chicago Classic deep dish pizza.  (Sorry – no photographs were taken at Lou’s!  I was too busy stuffing my face!)


From there we stopped at Teagschwendner for a spot of tea and a mini lesson on the different types of tea.  Fun fact – white, green, and black teas all come from the same Camellia leaf!  The difference in taste comes from the ways that the leaves are processed.

Then we walked over to Kamehachi Old Town for a little sushi and sake – a darling place where I can easily envision more date nights occurring!


After our Japanese sampling we walked across the street to The Fudge Pot.  (I could have easily stayed there all day!)  This place creates many custom pieces for people and businesses, but I fell in love with their toffee.  Buttery, chocolaty, crunch…  (Mmm – drooling on the keyboard as I’m typing!)


The following two places were stops that I would consider more as specialty shops.  Old Town Oil carries specialty oils and vinegars, and The Spice House carries, well, spices!  Both places smelled so good, but I wasn’t ready to do more tasting.  I still had the taste from the toffee in my mouth and I didn’t want to ruin it!

I had my husband be the taste taster.  Both shops would definitely be places to stop at it you were looking for special seasoning or marinades for cooking or baking.  Both places also are frequented by local chefs, and after smelling all they had to offer, I can easily tell why!


Our last stop was at Delightful Pastries where we devoured two tasty perogies and two macaroons.  The perogies were seriously the best we’ve ever had – two orders came home with us, but they didn’t last very long!


Overall the trip was such a fun experience!  I really enjoyed tasting the food – it was all so delicious!

Vimbly offers tons of other classes, activities, and date ideas.  They’re not just in Chicago either!  You can find them in other major cities around the U.S. including Seattle, Las Vegas, and NYC.

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The One Thing That’s Welcome Every Winter

November 4, 2013

mixing prints with stripes and houndstooth

mixing prints with stripes and houndstooth

mixing prints with stripes and houndstooth

As much as I can complain about winter coming, I do have to say that wearing sweaters again is a welcomed treat.  There’s something a little magical about slipping into a warm, cozy sweater on a brisk day.

hat (similar), Tommy Hilfiger toggle coat (similar), skinny jeans – thrifted // sweater – c/o Wallis

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Gray Skinny Jeans and This Thing Called Life

November 2, 2013

gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

Jeans are part of everyone’s wardrobe.  But there are a few pairs a denim that always seem to be on my must-have list.  I’ve shared boyfriend jeans and distressed ones – today’s post is about colored denim.

I always find myself grabbing these gray skinnys when I don’t feel like wearing blue jeans.  Sometimes blue jeans just don’t look right with the tops that I want to wear.  Plus, I think dressing up colored denim can be easier than it’s counterpart.

I took these pictures three weeks ago, and I’ve worn these gray jeans every weekend since.

Three weeks ago?

One thing that I’ve learned as a blogger is to have some extra posts in reserve for your rainy days.  ‘Cause let’s face it – life happens.  And literally it has been rainy and/or gloomy for the past week.

Halloween Day was no exception.  The kids got dragged to two houses before I realized I was not about to punish them or myself anymore.

We went home, ate dinner, and played find-the-hidden-candy in the basement.  The combo of Easter egg-hunts and Halloween sweets was just what the kids needed.

And that’s how life has been recently – going with the flow while wearing gray skinnys and eating leftover candy.

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